At its heart, my work is energy medicine and a healing art; it is conscious and intentional work with life-affirming energetic patterns to generate increased coherence, harmony, and health.

My Approach

My work is relational and comes from understanding that wounds or gaps in understanding that have been experienced in previous connections can be healed and reconciled by forms of good, deep listening that is responsive, reflective, studied, practiced, and deeply compassionate, and then transformed into insight that is carried forward into all other connections and corners of life.

In a session, we begin by sitting across from each other in my treatment room. You do some talking, I do some specific listening and responding, and then you respond to that. We are working here with the natural polarity (masculine/feminine poles of energy - in this case, unrelated to gender) that exists in all interactions between people (and everything else), but with the intention of helping your energetic field, body, and life become more attuned and aligned with your soul.

We keep doing this until you feel clearer, lighter and have a deeper sense of who you are, where you are at, and have greater trust in your next steps moving forward.

At some point in the session, we may decide that it would be helpful to work more directly with the energy patterns in the body and move you to a bodywork table where you get to lie comfortably, fully clothed, while we dialogue more directly with the somatic languages of the body too (through Reiki and BodyTalk).

Should this work feel good?

Growing is sometimes hard work. Growth spurts can feel uncomfortable. And at other times, growth is incredibly enlivening, empowering, and deeply pleasurable.

Learning new skills, gaining new insights, and cultivating mastery can be tremendously meaningful, deliciously challenging, and incredibly rewarding. But sometimes it just feels hard too.

When it comes to this work, my role is to help you find your own inner balance between what is just edgy enough that it feels interesting and perhaps even exciting to you (or at least manageable), and what is just too hard and uncomfortable at the moment. It is my role to help you as you lean in and engage more meaningfully in your life in some places, and recognize when and where to pull back and digest overwhelm in others.

But you are the one in the wheelhouse here. It is you who feels your own pleasure/discomfort and can use these feelings to guide you as you follow the deep-structure design of your own unique life. So of course, you set the pace.

The Larger Picture

Our historical-ancestral patterns influence our cultural-political patterns, which influence our social-relational patterns, which influence our developmental-energetic patterns, which influence the health in our physical bodies. In any moment, there are an infinite number of intersecting dynamics that are informing our experience and expression.

We humans utilize enormous amounts of energy in either trying to force change (aspects of our lifestyle, feeling states, our own behaviour, the behaviour of others) to conform to certain notions of health, humanness, relationship, and success, or to resist change because it does not feel comfortable. But in both cases, we often do so without the sense of a deeper, wiser framework of understanding and trust in the path we are on. And we often trip over the paths’ of others in the process too, inadvertently creating, and then getting lost in, conflict and chaos.

I begin from the place of respecting and making more visible, tangible and usable what is already working in our lives, because if you are living and breathing today - even if only barely - there are a whole lot of things going right for you.

I do this as a way to attune to these deeper structures that offer firmer ground to stand on as we get to know, and then take, next steps: where to pull back, and where to lean in and forge ahead. And I also do this because in a culture of healthcare that is heavily focused on diagnosis and problems, it can sometimes be harder to connect with what is also going well.

I work from the understanding that soul has structure, and language, and life force. That the unknown is an important element in this process, not an obstacle. And in a world with few true elder humans remaining (not just old people and with absolutely no disrespect to old people), few true mature ecosystems with remaining living and ancient intact cultures, and so little access to deeper and more mature templates, structures and processes for living in mainstream culture, we humans are starving for wisdom, meaningful connection, and growth that is more than just economic, material, industrial and technological.

Cultural Re-membering, Reconnection & New Growth

I know the healing, witnessing and transformation that comes from standing at the root-level of a giant tree in an old growth forest, the foot of a mountain in the arms of a valley of peaks, laying on the earth gazing into the the heart of a small wild flower in the desert in spring, being blanketed under the cloud of ash raining down from the fiery mouth of an active volcano, or sitting quietly at the edge of a deep, still, and remote body of water.

I know it in my blood. And in my bones.

Communing with these masters and elemental forces lets their intelligence soak into the soul and communicate deep truths …truths that great art, poetry, architecture and music can mirror in part, but not match.

It may be that until you experienced being in the presence of a natural and wild elder for the first time, you didn’t know this truth and depth was missing from your life. Or it may be, inhumanely and tragically, that you have not yet experienced this.

These kinds of experiences, to me, are rich terrain of soul. And in a time of fewer and fewer wild elders remaining and few human elders that we can turn to for mature modelling, mentoring, and guidance in our human cultures, we have to fight fiercely to protect these old and entirely irreplaceable ones, curate other archived wisdom sources and restore old traditional practices; recognize teachers and truths outside patriarchal and corporate lenses, and innovate new cultural forms of support and connection that preserve our inner wildness and nature, as well as the wildness in the that we can continue to grow, and also leave intact teachers and teachings on this planet for generations to come.

The cultural trauma that stems from a disconnection from our wildness and the subsequent arressted human development, results in lives having been and being unnecessarily lost in this process. And we are having to learn and listen differently than many of the ways in which we have been conditioned since the days our own ancient ancestors were forced to separate from their inherent connection with the natural world.

We are having to listen much more deeply. And grow like f*ck.

We must grow beyond our current industrial, capitalistic paradigm, and build wiser, more inclusive and diverse cultures moving forward. And we are already growing beyond these unsustainable cultural paradigms and building healthier culture forward in many places.

So, what I know for sure is that you too are already growing in your own unique way. And that the places you are feeling sick, broken, wounded, invisible, erased, uncomfortable, unsure, confused, lost, addicted, overwhelmed, unsupported, betrayed, and discarded…are likely soul ground too.

I work from the frameworks I know and trust to offer you ways to see your own path forward more clearly, feel it more deeply, and trust it more fully.

Let's do this thing!

I offer my work as a compliment to the structure and integrity of the creative and unique life being birthed through you.

“Perhaps the Skywoman story endures because we too are always falling.  Our lives, both personal and collective, share her trajectory.  Whether we jump or are pushed, or the edge of the known world just crumbles at our feet, we fall, spinning into someplace new and unexpected.  Despite our fears of falling, the gifts of the world stand by to catch us. …

“In the western tradition, there is a recognized hierarchy of beings, with, of course, the human being on top – the pinnacle of evolution, the darling of Creation – and the plants at the bottom.  But in Native ways of knowing, human people are often referred to as ‘the younger brothers of Creation.’  We say that humans have the least experience with how to live and thus the most to learn – we must look to our teachers among other species for guidance.  Their wisdom is apparent in the way that they live.  They teach us by example.  They’ve been on the earth far longer than we have been, and have had time to figure things out.  They live both above and below ground, joining Skyworld to the earth.  Plants know how to make food and medicine from light and water, and then they give it away.

“I like to imagine that when Skywoman scattered her handful of seeds across Turtle Island, she was sowing sustenance for the body and also for the mind, emotion, and spirit: she was leaving us teachers.  The plants can tell us her story; we need to learn to listen.”

~Robin Wall Kimmerer - Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants