Sacred Sexuality & Power

Can you feel it?

I am sensing a compelling tension between spring's rising sap energy, and the inward pull of the new moon tomorrow and final dark vestiges of winter: outward and inward, light and dark.

This new moon in Aries (the beginning of the astrological year), at equinox and the return of the light, has a powerful creative force to it.

It could be argued that new and beginnings, the subject of this newsletter, are an unnecessary repetition of meaning but the return to the beginning of a cycle within cycles sometimes just feels new all over again. The new energy in this one is inviting me to reach out and connect with you here.

So perhaps you feel this one too and are harnessing this time of dreaming, visioning, setting intentions, planting seeds, and calling upon your creative muses.

If so, I am with you.

And if you find that your creative life force energy is blocked, excessive or depleted, chaotic, or out of sync, perhaps I can support you through sessions. I am here.

Love & new beginnings,