Revolutions and Revelations

Well I don't know if you were among the thousands of others around the world witnessing the beautiful expressions of that full blood moon and lunar eclipse this past Sunday, but I was and she was magnificent! Even though it was after the 21st, this was the moment I really felt the equinox this year. How about you?

So here we are, finding each other in the final quarter of 2015. Wow!

This fall season feels very ripe, potent and abundant for me this year...

I recently filled my bliss cup up with an incredible week climbing mountains, running through valleys and connecting with friends in Kelowna and Jasper National Park. I danced my heart out and celebrated the transition from childhood to adolescence with 140 girls ages 10-12 at G-Day for girls (check out the great video of the day below). And I've started my Masters in Relational Leadership through the Taos Institute, a 2 year journey and dialogue with others around the world who are joining and creating this shift in paradigm around leadership and social construction.

I'm looking forward to facilitating a workshop on Intuition & BodyMind Health at the upcoming grade 8 CHOICES conference at Victoria High School at the end of this month, which is showcasing career pathways by women in industry.

And of course all of this infuses and informs my practice at Innerlife. And vice versa. The threads of connection continuously weave all intersections together.

So in the spirit of weaving some intersections for me, I am sharing a couple of videos below that open my heart to even greater abundance. Perhaps they will resonate for you too.

As always, I'd love to hear your insights and/or support you finding them.

~Love, Fiona

Have you ever felt like there was something wrong with you? Or someone else?

I certainly have, so this beautiful and powerful conversation in the video below resonated with me. Perhaps it will with you too.

To me, revolutions are related to revelations and once we've seen something we didn't see before, we can't "unsee" it. Our consciousness shifts, our psychology shifts and our physiology shifts.

When Iā€™m watching something like this, I love to stay attuned to my emotional and physical responses and notice the moments where I am actually aware of the "aha's". These revelations where my personal revolution is experienced.

There are different names for this process: Awakening, Ascension, Enlightenment, Psychological Maturation, Wisdom Gathering, Revolution, Re-sensitization, Activation, etc. and there's a tendency to make ourselves and others wrong for not previously "seeing" or being aware. We have a tendency to shame ignorance.

Were you ever told, "you should have known better!"? As in, you should have seen that thing you couldn't see...before you saw it. Or in other words, you should have done the impossible and superhuman and been awakened and enlightened...before you were awakened and enlightened. Have you ever told yourself or someone else this? Has the shame ever overwhelmed you?

If so, good news! If you are capable of feeling shame, you are also capable of feeling empathy. Both indicate the opening of our hearts and minds. I love a good revolution! How about you?

"Revolutions begin when people who are defined as problems achieve the power to re-define the problem" ~John McKnight

This video is a dialogue between 4 people: Norman Kunc, Emma Van der Klift, Aaron Munro and Vikki Reynolds. Enjoy!