Fiona’s Musings…

I was a voracious reader of fiction in my youth, and loved how writing carried me out of my reality into the imaginary worlds, lives, and bodies of others where I could learn and live vicariously in the liminal space of my own imagination.

In the years since, while I still love a good novel, I have spent less time in my imagination and more time invested in my reality.

I have been hungry for approaches and perspectives, grounded in direct personal experience, that reflect knowledge and wisdom needed for this time we’re all in…this time that activist, author, teacher and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy calls The Great Turning. So to feed my hunger, the work of feminists, black, latinx, indigenous, disabled, queer and LGBT2S activists, environmentalists, socially/politically versed researchers, doctors and decolonizing academics have occupied prime real estate on my coffee table, kitchen island, and book shelves in more recent years, and have influenced all corners of my life.

My own writing is a very small, but personal investment in this Great Turning too.

From time to time I have felt drawn…and feel drawn…to collect my thoughts and responses to what I’m learning from my private practice, courses I’m taking, and my life…as well as insight from these beautiful books in my home, but also podcasts I’m listening to, articles and blogs that cross my desk, and all the conversations I’m so fortunate to find myself in. I enjoy sharing some of my collections of thoughts and perspectives in writing here. And sometimes, especially in these times, it just feels good and right to offer a little poetry to tenderize, render and nourish the soul….

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