Working with Fiona has been nothing short of life changing for me. I started working with her during one of the most challenging periods of my life and her steady, loving and wise guidance helped me develop the inner resources I needed to endure and eventually thrive in my new life.

There are so few people who understand the territory of the soul. Fiona is an absolute gift to our world at this time, a guide for the soul and an immensely talented healer. She fearlessly stood in the shadows with me and helped me find the other shore. I highly recommend working with her if you feel ready to do some deep and profound healing and live a life dedicated to your soul.
I truly don’t have the right words to describe my experience with Fiona. The wisdom and perspective she brings to our conversations has been invaluable to me. She has a way of making me feel supported and keeping me accountable at the same time. Her work has helped me navigate a huge transition in my life and through this process she has helped me stay clear about my path and trajectory.
There is also such a strong physical component to her work. The physical well being, energy and and joy I feel in my body after her sessions is euphoric and powerful. I am stronger because of the co-creative work she facilitates in our sessions.
I have been fortunate enough to have Fiona work with me for the past few years, and can truly say her care and understanding has been instrumental to my mind-body well-being. Her capacity to clearly hear me and my needs, and to reflect them back to me in a way that is both supportive and nourishing, has been my weekly spiritual medicine. She combines a beautiful blend of professional experience, holistic education and compassion. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone seeking guidance into a more in-depth look at their soul.
Working with Fiona has facilitated an environment of profound trust and empowerment. It has allowed me to stretch to my most uncomfortable edges, see what they feel like, and then integrate them into my life in ways that feel safe and productive for me. As a result, I feel more authentically connected to myself and to the people in my life than ever before. I feel immense gratitude for the power, intuition, care, and generosity she has shared with me over the years. Having her as an ally has been invaluable to the the growth of my soul and psyche.
I crave my time with Fiona. It’s not always comfortable opening up about how you feel - if you even know how you feel - but Fiona helps shed light on all of this, in an impactful, respectful way. It’s been truly transformative. I feel deeply understood and never judged. But also never coddled. This is honest, raw work! And that makes it meaningful for me.

I’m more aware of my own power. I can now hear my own voice with greater clarity, and have greater strength to share that voice with others. The particular emphasis Fiona places on the connection between the body and the soul, and the range of knowledge that she draws from to contextualize this connection, is tremendously enlightening and exceptionally healing. This is something I have not experienced anywhere else.
Over the past many years my family and I have been receiving sessions from Fiona. Each time I come away feeling grateful for her role in our lives. For me, it’s like having a friend to turn to, a wise mentor to come alongside helping to navigate the twists and turns of life. Through sessions with Fiona I often arrive at epiphanies that shape my physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Always I benefit from Fiona’s way of creating and holding a space that is safe, caring and nurturing which allows for openness, access to my own wisdom and opportunities to reach new levels of understanding through gentle guidance. Thanks Fiona!
My experience of working with you Fiona is that I’m so much more aware of the many levels of sensing and feeling that are here to guide me through all situations.
What has been helpful and supportive for me is that I feel that someone has ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ me - without judging me.

I have shifted into a much deeper appreciation for the strength of others - and learned that my trying to protect them from upsetting information is also denying them their right to experience and work through their own emotions.

Though I first came to you for BodyTalk, what has made our work together so rich and unique is that you are always studying and bringing new information to the sessions in all the realms of well-being, from the physical to the spiritual to the emotional. Between your curiosity and mine, we’re both learning a lot! Thank you.
I came to Fiona at a pivotal moment of deep emotional, psychological and spiritual need.

With Fiona’s guidance, support, and containment, I have safely processed trauma, developed tools of resiliency, and cultivated an ability to sustainably relate to myself and others. Truly transformed and empowered, I have summoned the emergence of my souls work into the world and have found a sense of belonging within myself that is rooted in soul and woven into the tapestry of our collective story.

Fiona’s extensive knowledge and understanding of relational dynamics, power, energetics, and healthy eco and soul centric maturation is a precious gift. She embodies a resilience and truth that is essential to the change-making so necessary in our culture today. I am deeply grateful and cherish her contributions to the evolution of the human spirit.
Fiona and I began working together in 2010. 2 of my very good friends who don’t know one another recommended her to me. The world is small and I felt that the Universe was loudly telling me to go and see her. From the very beginning what I liked about Fiona was her dedication to her clients. I was new to Body Talk and even somewhat skeptical. Fiona invited me after my first treatment to call her if I had any questions. It so happened I had a lot of questions. Things immediately began to shift within me and I was uncomfortable. She walked me through what I was going through and this was the beginning of a 9 year journey of personal growth. Over the years, Fiona has really helped me to go deeply within myself and work through very old past hurts and traumas. She is very skilled and knowledgeable in human dynamics, growth and development. She provides her clients with a safe space to process their experiences. She has found the fine balance between holding space for her clients to self-reflect and make their own realizations while encouraging them to look at their personal blind spots and areas of growth with honesty and integrity. Fiona is a true healer. I highly recommend Fiona and regularly recommend her to my friends.
Working with Fiona has literally been life changing.

Each day I now experience a deep sense of physical well being and security in my body. I am alive and thriving today because of working with Fiona.
After working with Fiona for over two years now I can safely say the following..

Fiona’s approach feels learned, attentive, supportive, informed, patient and empowering to me to say the least. Fiona’s abilities to hold such richness in therapeutic space while supporting where needed and reflecting back to me are some of the most important and unique aspects of her practice. The therapy, mentoring, guidance and support I have received from and through this space has been rich and empowering for me.

Fiona’s deeply relational capacity, personal and individual experience, complex and unique mixture of influences, and studies learned over the years, have understandably shaped her ability to provide such a rich, perceptive and supportive way of dealing with her clients. The offering of such a truly unique skill set, perspective and environment has added immeasurable value to each of the sessions I have had with her.

I am experiencing a far more expansive and surer sense of self, coupled with a rapturous, wondrous, empowering and beautiful dialogue of the process as a whole. As a man it is so liberating to say this and in addition to the felt sense of becoming so deeply connected to the emotional, spiritual, soulful and physical. I now intimately understand my own particular history and how this influenced the individual I once felt imprisoned within. Oh the liberation!

Some of the deepest shifts I have experienced have been in the cultivation of the loving relationship I now have with this authentic self of mine. I also now have a profound felt sense of the deeper meaning of this life, the value of connection to self, others and community, and the honoring of my own unique path.. one so critical, essential and important as a fellow participant in the unfolding of this larger story we are part of. There is such liberation and fulfillment in feeling so deeply alive, and as a conscious contributor in this collective journey.
Coming from an industrial/trades background I was not sure what to expect coming into Fiona’s office. What I found was a professional, non-judgemental and caring listener. I am continually surprised by the wide range of skills and systems she is able to draw from to address my questions and concerns practically and creatively. I came in seeking help for dealing with severe depression and anxiety. I was impressed with how she was able to help me find a stable base from which to then move forward from. I have also come in with physical ailments that were undeniably positively changed by her work. I am grateful I pushed myself to walk through her door for my life has improved immeasurably since then. I could not recommend her enough for anyone seeking positive change in themselves and in their life. Thank You Fiona.
I am continually impressed with how Fiona is able to bring such a wide range of thoughts and practices to each session, especially as she is able to communicate them in ways that I can understand and benefit from. I am grateful for her ability to work with me from a true state of non-judgement and that she is able to be gentle with my emotions when needed and to challenge my spirit to shake itself and rise when she knows I am ready for that call. Always though, I find myself leaving a session with the words, understanding and support I needed to hear and feel in order to keep moving forward. I have come to know that undeniable experiences of healing are possible with the Body Talk that ends a session and I am grateful to have such a strong guide in my corner.
My experience of working with you is that you bring a deep intellect, compassion and instinct to the questions and fears I bring to work on. The table work (Bodytalk?) is where I feel it all comes together for me as I have come to trust that my body mind can do the work better than my conscious mind. I feel most supported by the non-judgement you give regardless of what I speak of and that you break it down for me so that I can let go of my self judgement as well.

My sense of self has shifted for your explanations of what you see of me in my words or of the situations I present continually show me that my perceptions can be far to narrow and judging. From that I have learned to question my thoughts and seek to broaden my view when outside of sessions. A skill that is building.

Being witnessed, understood and guided combined with somatic experience and integration is one that I have not experienced before. I have found it to be undeniably powerful for it lets my mind know that something beneficial was accomplished and leaves my body feeling that something has changed.